Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland
"Making Life More Manageable for People with Bleeding Disorders" 

"Making Life More Manageable for People with Bleeding Disorders"

 "Making Life More Manageable for People with Bleeding Disorders"

The Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland (HFM) is a Nonprofit Organization, which devotes its efforts to improving the quality of life for persons affected with bleeding disorders and their complications. This mission is accomplished through outreach development, educational programs, informational literature, support services and patient referrals.  HFM is a proud member of the Hemophilia Federation of America.

Former "Hole in the Wall Gang" Campers Reunite at National Hemophilia Foundation Annual Conference.
Pictured above:  Matthew, John Taylor, Matther, Harvey Sr., (camp chaperone), Spencer, Greg, Nick and Scott

HFM Community News

Be sure to check this section frequently as we bring you the latest and greatest happenings from within the Maryland bleeding disorder community.  

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Have you Registered for the 5K or 10K Walk/Run to Stop the Bleeding?  
Date:  June 24, 2017


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Congratulations HFM 2016-2017 Scholarship Recipients!

HFM would like to CONGRATULATE the following HFM Milton Doug Hiteshew Memorial Scholarship Winners! HFM commends your educational and service accomplishments, and we are proud to support your higher education goals! 

Scholarships awarded to HFM community members living with a bleeding disorder: 

Zionna Bell

Travis Craney

Hassan Davis

Matthew Gates  

Luke Hartley 

Brooks Hoffman

Sibling Scholarships 

Adara Gray

Kaitlin Gates

Emily Harper

Parent Scholarships: 

William Hoffman

Emergency Room (ER) Form for Bleeding Disorders

An Emergency Information Form for Children with Special Health Needs is available to help parents explain their child's complicated medical history when they must visit the emergency room.  The form was created by the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  The two organizations say that physicians, parents, EMS professionals and nurses will be able to use the form as a tool to transfer critical information.  

The child's physician or hemophilia treatment center staff fill out the medical information ahead of time, so the parent can hand ER staff the form when needed.  Parents are also encouraged to give copies of the form to all of their child's caregivers.  

For children registered with the MedicAlert Foundation, the organization can keep the form on file so healthcare professional can access it 24 hours a day.  


Important Dental Information To Take With You to Your Next Dental Visit

With so much on our minds, it is quite easy to forget some information that may be very important to mention at your or your child's next dental visit.  Baxter Healthcare created the linked form to make dental visits much easier!